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Divorcing a drinking husband…What will happen to the kids?

He’s a great guy. I love him, we have two kids together, but he drinks. He does it at home in front of TV, couple times a week. He doesn’t go bar-hopping he doesn’t fight, he’s not abusive. He is not hungover the next day and goes to work and makes money. Neighbours love him. So do friends. He bakes for everybody, he helps people around. He goes to church. But he wouldn’t admit he has a problem and he won’t cut back! 2-3 wine bottles or a sixpack of beer are a usual thing, 2-3 times a week. He smells and falls asleep on the couch. I can’t stand it anymore. Do I have to file for divorce? How would I prove that he’s drinking? I want custody of the kids. I don’t trust him wiuth my babies!. I want to move out of state. What is likely to be the court’s decision regarding kids?

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