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home brewing beer; bottling questions?

i have the Premium Mr. Beer home brewing kit. my beer has been fermenting for one week now, and it says in the instructions to ferment for 1-2 weeks. well, i tried i tiny bit today by drawing some out from the tap. it’s cloudy, but tastes like slightly carbonated beer and isn’t sweet, which i find odd because the bottling process is what gives it carbonation.

so, i actually have 2 questions: is my beer ready to bottle? and also, it says to use granulated white sugar, but i’ve heard about using corn syrup, dextrose sugar, and other types of sugars. Also, there’s the method of putting the sugar in the bottle and adding the beer, and then the method of using a priming bucket.

so basically: Is my beer ready? which way should i bottle it? and what type of sugar should i use?

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