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What's a good name for my home brew beer?

Looking to buy some personalized beer tap handles and want to give my beer a custom name. I brew all kinds of beer, and always have about 4 on tap. Last name is Duffy so it would be cool to add that to it some how. Any ideas?

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6 Responses to “What's a good name for my home brew beer?”

  1. Hitchâ„¢ says:

    - Duffsomnia
    - Dark Side of the Duffy
    - Duffy Fluff
    - Duffology 101
    - El Duffy
    - Duffapalooza
    - Duffymania
    - Weapons of Mass Duffy
    - Count Duffula
    - Damn Dirty Duffy
    - Duffyknocker
    - Duffy Goes Downtown
    - Heavenly Duffy
    - Duffy’s Partner in Crime
    - Duffy’s Homeboy
    - Jugs Like Duffy
    - Judge Duffy
    - Gimme that Duffylove
    - Some Kind of Duffy
    - Some Like it Duffy
    - Duffler’s Mom
    - Meet Duffy Black

    That’s all I got for now…

  2. Amber Intellectual says:

    Duffy’s Reserve

  3. enn says:

    Duffy’s Evil Brew
    Duffy’s Last Shot at Temptation
    Duffy’s Path to Hell
    Duffy’s Drink It and Lose Your Memory Tonight
    Wake Up With Duffy Tomorrow (Collect Child Support for the rest of your life)
    Duffy’s Yellow Snow
    Duffy’s P**s

    Couldn’t help it – I’m allergic to and anti alcohol. Put some truth in your advertising!

  4. mazdamandan says:

    Duff, like in the simpsons though I’d imagine that’s trademarked.
    Duffy’s punch in the face (good one for an imperial stout)
    Duffyl Bag Sout

  5. Wine and Window Guy says:

    Scruffy Duffy’s
    Tough Duff’s
    Duff’s Stuff
    Duff Enough
    Duff Said
    I would add your coat of arms to it as well.
    See below:

  6. oikos says:

    Duffy’s Tavern (Old radio show)


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